三世多杰羌佛開示,諸佛讚嘆 佛光加持,閃耀講堂



三世多杰羌佛開示,諸佛讚嘆 佛光加持,閃耀講堂.jpg





三世多杰羌佛開示,諸佛讚嘆 佛光加持,閃耀講堂



佛法的偉大,凡夫一般僅能自佛教經典中得知表面的情結現象,而聖者一般能從修行開悟、成道的過程中親自體驗印證。而慚愧的我 ──嘎堵,卻有幸的能跟隨在三世多杰羌佛雲高益西諾布佛陀上師身邊做佛事或接受傳法灌頂時親自體驗。 




一. 2006年四月,佛陀上師在壇城,應扎西卓瑪仁波且之提問,而為四眾弟子開示“什麼叫修行”時,剛開始講法,突然一道虹光無頭無尾,勢如雷電在講堂的室內空間憑空閃耀盤旋,奪目耀眼,吉祥無比!閃亮耀眼的佛光照耀著講堂,從佛陀上師陞座開講,一直到圓滿結束為止,佛光共閃爍照耀達五次之多。當天在場的四眾弟子有丹瑪.翟芒尊者、隆慧法師、覺慧法師、扎西卓瑪仁波且、正慧師、定慧師、見慧師、了慧師、廣慧師、解慧師、可宣、戚朋直、華空、林陳惠珠、林昱佳,還有我本人。在場的四眾弟子,每人依個人修行程度之高下以及因果業力之牽引,導致看到佛光閃爍照耀講堂之次數以及顏色均有所不同。有的人看到六次,有的人看到兩次,有的人看到紅色的佛光、有的人則看到白色的佛光、另有的人則看到五彩的佛光圍繞閃耀在講堂。我則是看到閃亮耀眼如同閃光燈一般亮麗的佛光。講堂裡佛陀上師的開示佛法以及諸佛菩薩的佛光加持讚嘆,令所有在場弟子法喜充滿! 


二. 這佛光的因緣是在佛陀上師開示《正法寶典》的封面緣起的殊勝展現的,當時,突然壇城裡閃爍著燦爛耀眼的佛光,諸佛菩薩以佛光來讚嘆《多杰羌佛第三世——正法寶典》的誕生,即將帶給娑婆世界芸芸眾生一條修習正法之道路,正如諸多大法王仁波且們宣佈的:眾生的福報因緣成熟了! 




佛弟子 嘎堵




The Buddhas Praise H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s Discourse; Buddha Light Blessing Illuminates the Lecture Hall



Mundane people can derive only superficial knowledge of the greatness of the Buddha-dharma from reading the sutras, but holy ones generally can personally experience it through their cultivation and the process of becoming enlightened. As for my humble self, Gadu, I have been fortunate enough to experience this greatness during the times I handled various Buddhist matters at the side of the Buddha Master, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III Wan Ko Yeshe Norbu, and received dharma transmissions and initiations from His Holiness. 


The following are two true events where Buddha light blessings occurred that I wish to report to everyone. The following description is completely true, and if I have made any of it up, I am willing to pay with my life and cultivation and descend to the Hell of Continuing Suffering. 


1. The Buddha Master was in the lecture hall giving a discourse to the four types of disciples on “What Is Cultivation” in response to a question from Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche. Soon after the Buddha Master had begun, a beam of sparkling iridescent light suddenly appeared and started circling the indoor lecture hall with the force of lightning. The sight was utterly dazzling and auspicious! From the beginning to the end of the discourse, the dazzling Buddha light appeared and illuminated the lecture hall as many as five times. H.E. Denma Tsemang II, Venerable Dharma Teacher Long Hui, Dharma Teacher Jue Hui, Respected Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche, Cheng Hui Shih, Ding Hui Shih, Jian Hui Shih, Liao Hui Shih, Guang Hui Shih, Jie Hui Shih, Ko Hsuan, Pengzhi Qi, Huakong, Hui Chu Linchen, Yu Chia Lin and myself were all at the scene when this occurred. Not all of the disciples saw the same colors and number of Buddha lights because of their different levels of cultivation and different karmic conditions. Some people saw Buddha lights appear six times, while others saw Buddha lights appear twice. Some saw red, some saw white, and still others saw iridescent Buddha lights sparkling in the lecture hall. I personally saw Buddha lights as bright and dazzling as the flashing of a flash bulb. The Buddha Master’s discourse on the Buddha-dharma and the praise and blessing of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas filled all of the disciples in the lecture hall with the joy of the dharma. 


2. Other Buddha lights were special manifestations that had an underlying cause. They manifested when the Buddha Master was expounding upon the karmic conditions behind the cover of the book A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma. Dazzling Buddha lights suddenly flashed in the mandala. The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas used Buddha lights as a means of praising the birth of the book H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III A Treasury of True Buddha-Dharma, which would soon provide the multitudinous living beings in this earthly realm with a path to practice the true dharma. As many great dharma kings and great rinpoches have announced, the karmic conditions for living beings to experience good fortune have matured! 




Buddhist disciple, Gadu






南無 第三世多杰羌佛

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