頂聖如来 H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的聖量 -淹死的蜜蜂長起翅膀飛走了



頂聖如来 H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的聖量 -淹死的蜜蜂長起翅膀飛走了.jpg








         一個下午我經過了泳池邊,發現了一隻淹死的蜜蜂,打撈起來放在地板上,它身體已僵硬死掉了,佛陀上師走過來慈悲地持誦幾句咒語,加持它,大概兩分鐘蜜蜂竟然從腳開始動起來,但是卻發現大概蜜蜂是被別的動物咬斷了一只翅膀而掉進泳池淹死的,只留下了一只翅膀,當時廣慧師姐聽到了也趕過來看。三世多杰羌佛自言自語地說:「唉!既然活過來了,少了一只翅膀,那就太可憐了!怎麼辦呢?太慘!太慘!再長一翅膀就好了!」佛陀上師法語剛落下,突然看到,天啊!蜜蜂的另一只翅膀長出來了!我與廣慧師姐簡直是驚呆 了,當時看著蜜蜂展動了幾下翅膀,用嘴巴清理足和翩動雙翅,大概半分鐘,就像直昇機一般飛走了,我們感動得就地向佛陀上師頂禮, 佛陀上師卻說:「這與我無關,我哪裡有這功德,是你們的成就,是你們,是你們!」這是我們再一次親眼見到真正佛陀的證量威德展 現。 



佛弟子 釋定慧 




佛弟子 釋廣慧



A Drowned Bee Grew a Wing and Flew Away


        One afternoon when passing by the side of a swimming pool, I discovered a drowned bee in the pool. I scooped it up and placed it on the ground. Its body had already become stiff with death. The Buddha Master walked over and compassionately chanted several mantras and empowered the bee. In about two minutes, astonishingly, the bee began to move its legs. But, it was found that one side of the bee’s wings had been bitten off, perhaps by another animal, causing it to fall into the pool and drown. Only one side of wings remained on the bee. At that moment, Sister Guang Hui heard about this and rushed over to see what was happening. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III talked to himself and said, “Alas! Now, you have been brought back to life but with one side of wings missing. That is too pitiful! What can be done about this? It’s too sad! Too sad! It would be good if another side of wings grew!” Just as the dharma words of the Buddha Master were spoken, miraculously, we suddenly saw the bee grow another wing! Sister Guang Hui and I were totally surprised and stunned. At that time, we watched the bee stretch and move its wings a few times. Then, it cleaned it legs with its mouth and flapped both pairs of wings. About half a minute later, it flew away just like a helicopter. We were so touched that we prostrated to the Buddha Master right on the spot. The Buddha Master said, “It has nothing to do with me. I do not have such merit. This is your accomplishment. It’s yours! It’s yours!” We have, once again, personally witnessed the state of realization and awesome virtue of the authentic Buddha. 

        I am a nun. All of what is stated above is true and real. If anything is false, may I descend to the hell of endless suffering, never to be raised up again. If what I stated is true, may the merits be dedicated to all living beings.


Buddhist disciple 

Ding Hui Shih 


        All of the above written by Sister Ding Hui regarding the situation about the bee and what I have witnessed are entirely true. If any of it is false, may I descend to the vajra hell and never attain accomplishment. If what I state is true, may I definitely attain accomplishment in this lifetime, be liberated from the cycle of birth and death, and save living beings. 


Buddhist disciple 

Guang Hui Shih




南無 第三世多杰羌佛


頂聖如来 H.H.第三世多杰羌佛的聖量 -淹死的蜜蜂長起翅膀飛走了


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